Using IPA to Explore Pathways and Investigate Effects of Insulin Resistance on Human Adipose

Presented by: Aimee Jackson, Ph.D. | Duration: 25:19 minutes

Learn how Dr. des Etages utilized IPA to investigate the metabolic and signaling pathways affected by insulin resistance in adipose tissue. Insulin resistance is a key component of Type II Diabetes. Essentially, it reflects the state in which peripheral tissues such as liver, muscle and adipose become less responsive to insulin. The increased insulin output required to maintain glucose homeostasis eventually leads to loss of pancreatic islet function and frank diabetes. Sears et al. published a study examining adipose and muscle samples extracted from insulin sensitive and resistant subjects at baseline, and then 3 months after thiazolidinedione (TZD) treatment. In this presentation, you will see how IPA was used to filter and explore existing data to investigate affected pathways and ultimately identify a transcription factor that may serve as a link between TLR2 signaling and adiponectin levels.