Featured Researchers

"You only have to upload your data once, and Variant Analysis allows you to manipulate it, query all of the external databases, and run all the algorithms you want to use — all of that at the click of a button."
Rajini Haraksingh
"By using the filtering in Ingenuity Variant Analysis, we were able to find the gene which then led to the identification of this syndrome."
Hywel Williams
"When you're doing transcriptomics or systems biology, IPA is really an indispensable tool"
Angela Rasmussen
"Not only can I sort variants, but then I can also start to look at more complex features. I look at whether any variants are common to multiple persons, and then use burden analysis and association features."
Brynn Webb
“Using IPA and the Upstream Regulator Analysis module,with just seven cases,we found two really strong predictors for differences between the platinum-sensitive and the platinum-resistant patients.”
John Martignetti
Vivian Sheehan Headshot
“It's great that it allows you to do a gene-based approach as well as a variant-based approach...I really have enjoyed using it.”
Dr. Vivien Sheehan
"Initial network analysis is prioritizing elements, but from those elements we really need to move toward a systems model. That's what IPA is trying to do, and that makes it a fantastic piece of modeling software."
Dr. Adam Stevens
“We didn’t expect to see that broad of a change. Ingenuity not only confirmed the results but gave them a degree of power beyond just statistics by incorporating the biology into it.”
Ben Laufer
“That’s what IPA allows me to do: bring the biology into the data.”
Dr. Michael Edwards
"Variant Analysis cuts out a lot of the time. It was a no-brainer to adopt the tool."
Dr. Mike Hubank
“IPA is a high-quality database and a really well done tool that gives you faster time to results. You’ve got the confidence that the information it generates is right.”
Dr. Milan Radovich
“It seemed natural to load the exomes in and analyze them the Ingenuity way.”
Dr. Hugh Reinhoff
“The pathway analysis and transcription factor prediction tools have really helped us put our list of differentially expressed genes and proteins in a functional context and to identify transcriptional regulators of interest."
Dr. Lydia Aschauer