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Life Technologies Ion Reporter Support

Variant Analysis Integrated into Ion Torrent’s Ion Reporter Application

Ingenuity Variant Analysis™ is directly integrated into the in Ion Reporter application, providing a seamless solution for interpreting human DNA sequencing data from Ion PGM™ or Ion Proton™ Systems.

The secure integration allows researchers to quickly move back and forth between Ion Reporter and Ingenuity Variant Analysis to drill down to a small, targeted subset of compelling variants based both upon their own knowledge of disease biology and the accurate, curated content in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base.

The combination of Ion Reporter and Variant Analysis provides researchers a simple, reproducible bioinformatics tool that delivers integrated variant detection and enhanced biological analysis with an interactive filter cascade the reduces the time to identify actionable variants.

Download the helpful Getting Started Guide for Ion Reporter users. It will give you the instructions you need to select and launch the Variant Analysis plugin, generate a free preview, and view the robust annotation and filtering capabilities for yourself.

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