How Ingenuity Variant Analysis Subscriptions Work

Due to overwhelming demand, QIAGEN Bioinformatics is now offering Ingenuity Variant Analysis in 12-month subscription packages. The following describes the subscription types available along with some of the benefits of the new subscription offering:

ProfessionalPersonal (free)
License TypeGroupNamed
Users per licenseUnlimited1
License period12-months1-month
Samples and Analysis
Unlimited samples uploadYesYes
Unlimited analysis setupYesLimit 4 samples
Unlimited use of filtersYesLimit 4 samples
Export resultsYesYes
Unlimited secure sharingYesYes
Group of usersYesNo


New subscription tier plans start at 50 samples, allowing you to analyze up to 50 samples in one analysis. If you require larger analysis, we offer larger sized subscription tiers.

We are also replacing our 30-min preview with a 4-sample, 30-day, trial. This trial is ideal for users who would like to try Variant Analysis for a paired tumor-normal or a family trio/quad study. The 30-day trial provides full access to Variant Analysis allowing users to experience the benefits of Variant Analysis and become experts in genome interpretation.


Subscription License:

When you purchase a Variant Analysis subscription license, you receive 12-months access to Variant Analysis with the option to grant upload and analysis privileges to your collaborators.

Variant Analysis Personal License:

With the Variant Analysis personal license, you are able to analyze up to 4 samples for 1-month.  Please note that with a Personal license, you are limited to a maximum of 4 active samples, and the deletion of active samples is prohibited.

Samples and Analysis

Variant Analysis subscriptions provide the ability to analyze all of the active samples in your account. Further, you can delete active samples and replace with newly uploaded samples to broaden your sample analysis. Active samples are eligible for analysis setup and filtering. Finally, as a paid subscriber, you can download your results for offline analysis.

Please note that Variant Analysis tracks the date that samples are uploaded. The oldest samples are the first samples to be active while the newest samples uploaded will be activated last. For example, if you have a 50 samples subscription and you’ve uploaded 60 samples, only the oldest (first uploaded) 50 samples will be active. The remaining newer (later uploaded) 10 samples will be inactive until some of the older active samples are deleted. See Figure 2 for illustration.


With the option to create a Group of users under one license, a Variant Analysis subscription goes a long way. Using the Ingenuity Admin Tool (available through Customer Support), an admin user can add/remove users from their license. Each unique user will gain access to Variant Analysis. They are free to upload and analyze their own samples which are viewable only to themselves unless they share the sample or analysis among other users. Samples can be shared among Group users as well as to users outside of the license.


Q: Will I still need to have an activation code to activate my uploaded samples?

A: No – all samples uploaded to your account will automatically be activated once uploaded provided you’re not at the limit of your subscription.

Q: Will users within a group see other group member’s samples?

A: No – each group member has their own private “apartment” within their account, however members can share samples with other members within the group

Q: What happens if I try to accept a share of a cohort of samples but do now have enough slots available in my bucket?

A: Whenever you receive shared samples, the incoming samples occupy available slots in your account. If your account does not have enough capacity to accept the incoming samples, your account cannot accept the additional samples. Your options are to 1) upgrade to a larger subscription tier or 2) delete enough samples to accommodate the new incoming samples

Q: What happens when I share samples with someone who doesn’t have an Ingenuity Variant Analysis account?

A: The recipient will receive an email notifying them of the shared samples/analysis. Upon clicking the share link, the user will be prompted to login to their Variant Analysis account or create a new account. The new account will accept the share provided there is sufficient capacity to accept the share.

Q: Why are some of my samples or analysis inactive?

A: The order of the queue for samples active and samples inactive are based on the original sample upload date. If you down-graded to a smaller subscription tier, it is possible that some of the active samples/analysis have now “backed up” into the inactive portion of the queue.

Q: What happens when my uploaded samples exceed my account capacity?

A: Samples that “overflow” will remain inactive and will become active when active samples are removed. See Figure 2.

Q: Will sharing samples affect my subscription capacity?

A: Yes and No depending on whether you’re sharing samples between accounts or within an account (within a Group). All user accounts must have a license (or a member of a Group license) to accept a shared sample or analysis.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Q: Can I analyze more samples than specified in my subscription?

A: Yes. All active samples within your license are eligible for analysis. You can “turnover” your active samples by deleting active samples and replacing with new samples for new analysis. Note that if you delete samples, the analysis associated with the deleted sample will also be deleted.

Figure 2

Figure 2