Welcome to the Empowered Genome Community

The Empowered Genome Community (EGC) is a new initiative to help people who have had their whole genomes sequenced, through efforts such as the Personal Genome Project (PGP) and Illumina’s UNDERSTAND YOUR GENOME services (UYG), make their genomes more scientifically useful, by exploring and sharing them with each other and with researchers, through QIAGEN’s secure online genome interpretation application, Ingenuity Variant Analysis. Because the simple, powerful interpretive functions of Variant Analysis are free for all users with active genomes in their accounts (whether their own, or shared from other users), the Empowered Genome Community can spark real collaborative discoveries.

Join today.

If you are a Personal Genome Project (PGP) participant:

Register to find out how to include your genome and join the EGC plus access the open collaborative analysis of Myopia in PGP Genomes.


If you are an Illumina’s UNDERSTAND YOUR GENOME (UYG) participant:

Register to find out how you can upload your genome and join the EGC plus access the open collaborative analysis of Myopia in PGP Genomes.


If you haven’t yet had your genome sequenced:

you can still join the EGC to actively help gain insights from genomes, including the proof-of-principle collaborative analysis of myopia (near-sightedness).


For additional information on joining the Empowered Genome Community and information on Variant Analysis, download our FAQ.

As a member of the community, you can use Ingenuity Variant Analysis to easily:

  • Annotate genomes (your own, those shared to you, or those in the open collaborative analysis of myopia) with functional insight from the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, and with your own data on intriguing genomic sites, kinship, and phenotypes. Such annotation reveals how variants in those genomes may affect proteins and other gene products, which in turn may interact to shape particular phenotypes.
  • Compare genomes to find what’s genetically distinctive about people with particular phenotypes, by easily running statistically robust methods (such as cutting-edge rare variant association tests) on sets of many genomes.
  • Share genomes and findings with others, to collaboratively study intriguing phenotypes, interactively review findings, and even publish together.

Thank you for participating in the Empowered Genome Community. For any questions, please contact EGC Ingenuity Support.