The fastest way to understand the biological meaning of your expression data

Rapidly Identify Biologically Compelling Transcript Changes

QIAGEN® Ingenuity iReport is an interactive web-based report, optimized for gene expression experiments from – RNA-Seq, microarray, and real-time PCR platforms, that provides a fast and accurate biological and statistical analysis of your experimental data.

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Visually organize and filter results to identify biologically compelling, functionally relevant gene expression changes
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Easy To Use And Purchase
Spend your time focused on biology, not on training, running statistics, or software licensing
Based on evidence-backed insights from the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base

Ingenuity iReport for Human Isoform-level RNA-Seq Data

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Quick Identification
Quickly identify genes that have multiple differentially expressed isoforms
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Visualize Data
Visualize your data in the context of isoform view
Targeted Bibliographies
Targeted Bibliographies
Compile targeted bibliographies with functional information on specific isoforms
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The Ingenuity Knowledge Base

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All of QIAGEN's Ingenuity Product Line solutions leverage the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, a repository of expertly curated biological interactions and functional annotations created from millions of individually modeled relationships between proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases. These modeled relationships, or Findings, include rich details, links to the original article, and are reviewed for accuracy by PhD scientists. The curated content in the Knowledge Base is structured into an Ontology that allows for contextual information, computation by the applications, and synonym resolution to ensure consistency across concepts. These features make the Ingenuity Knowledge Base distinctive and unparalleled to any other database.

Ingenuity iReport has a broad set of features that allow you to quickly understand and visualize your data

Differential Expression Pipeline

The Ingenuity iReport Data Analysis Pipeline incorporates best practices in statistical, quality, and differential expression analysis of gene expression data. The Ingenuity iReport data analysis pipeline is written in the R statistical programming language and makes extensive use of the Bioconductor project; a widely used and frequently cited collection of tools for the analysis of high-throughput genomic data.

Free Data Analysis and Ingenuity iReport Preview

It’s easy to get started in Ingenuity iReport. Upload your data through QIAGEN’s secure site, and receive a complete analysis of your gene expression data plus a preview of the Pathways, Processes, and Diseases relevant to your differentially expressed genes. The Ingenuity iReport Preview gives you the key information you need in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Previews also enable you to request any changes to the data analysis parameters.

Enrichment for Pathways, Biological Processes, and Diseases

Ingenuity iReport uses the content in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base and analytics such as the Fisher's exact test to perform an annotation enrichment analysis which identifies Pathways, Biological Processes, and Diseases that are significantly overrepresented in your differentially expressed genes. Ingenuity iReport enables visualization of your genes in the context of those biological processes. Evidence from the biomedical literature substantiating the role of your genes in those biological processes is at your fingertips.

Gene to Disease Associations

Ingenuity iReport goes beyond simple associations between genes and disease annotations and further classifies these relationships based on Biomarker, Drug Target, Gene Expression, and Mutation evidence from the biomedical literature, as well as trusted databases such as and the Mouse Genome Database.

Molecular Interactions

Ingenuity iReport identifies molecular connections between your differentially expressed genes, enabling visualization of hubs of regulation (expression, activation, post-translational modification) and physical interaction (protein:DNA, protein:protein binding).

Isoform-level analysis of human RNA-Seq data

Isoform Ingenuity iReport identifies isoforms that are differentially expressed between condition and control samples, and interprets the impact of those expression changes in the context of Isoform View, which displays alternatively spliced transcripts and details of their chromosomal locus, predicted protein domains, and encoded protein isoforms.

The Wheel

Browse your entire Ingenuity iReport starting with whatever topic is most relevant to your study: a specific gene, biological process, cellular phenotype, or pathway. Use visual cues to group genes based on molecular function, pathway membership, subcellular location, or hubs of molecular interaction to find compelling clusters of gene expression changes.

Create and Export Topic-Specific Bibliographies

The Publications and Findings comprise the evidence substantiating the role of your differentially expressed genes in pathways, phenotypes, diseases and molecular interactions. Lists of key publications are easy to compile and export from Ingenuity iReport. Export these targeted bibliographies into End Note format to integrate insights from iReport into existing reference databases.

Unlimited Sharing

It’s very easy to Share your Ingenuity iReport with colleagues and collaborators. Enter their e-mail into the Share field and they will gain full access to the data analysis and biological insights in Ingenuity iReport.

Personalized Tour of your Ingenuity iReport

Get up to speed quickly on how Ingenuity iReport works, and some key insights from your data by taking The Tour, which accompanies every Ingenuity iReport.

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