Hanson Wade RNASeq Summit 2015, Boston

RNASeq Summit Boston 2015

RNA-Seq Boston 2015 will enable scientists to overcome the data bottleneck by applying the most appropriate bioinformatics tools and develop a unified, integrated approach for analysis and interpretation of huge data sets, which in turn can positively impact therapeutic and clinical developments.

Unravel your RNA-Seq data and unlock the potential of RNA Seq to excel your research.

QIAGEN Bioinformatics

Wed, June 24 at 14.10 – 14.40

Application of the QIAGEN Bioinformatics Complete RNA-Seq workflow in a West Nile Virus infection Case Study

  • Using QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis’ features to shed light on canonical pathways, biological processes as well as transcription regulators involved in West Nile Virus (WNV) infection
  • Harnessing RNA sequencing to analyze the transcriptome of primary human macrophages of 10 healthy donors infected in vitro with WNV
  • Identification of a new hypothesis using the Causal Network Analysis, which tied infection by WNV to Encephalitis and proposed a mechanism to decrease this pathological consequence of WNV infection

Thursday, June 25 at 14.00 – 15.30

Where:  Hanson Wade RNASeq Summit 2015, Boston MA


Presenter: Shawn Prince, Senior Field Application Scientist, QIAGEN Bioinformatics

Fee: Free to Conference Attendees

Maximize Your Biological Interpretations With QIAGEN Bioinformatics Complete RNA-Seq Workflow

  • How leveraging the Ingenuity Knowledge base enables you to explore Canonical pathways, upstream regulators, diseases/ functions, and regulators effects within the context of your data
  • Secondary and statistical analysis, providing a complete “fastq to insight workflow”
  • How integration between tools can improve the user experience

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