Nowgen NGS Training

February 27, 2014

About Nowgen NGS BioinformaticsTraining

This one-day training course is aimed at researchers and scientists from the NHS, academia and industry who require an introduction to next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis.

Delegates will learn about the basics of NGS bioinformatics, data quality control, read mapping and downstream analysis. There will be hands on data analysis sessions – using Galaxy – covering data preparation, building a work flow, and DNA seq and RNA seq applications. The day will also include a short showcase from NGS solution providers.

Delegates will:

  • Describe the various stages of NGS data analysis workflows
  • Explain the concepts of base calling, quality control and read mapping
  • Identify the various data file types such as fastq, BAM and SAM files
  • Discuss the challenges of NGS data transfer, processing and storage
  • Demonstrate the performance of simple bioinformatics processes
  • Use Galaxy to build simple NGS pipelines

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