Ingenuity Variant Analysis workshop at CSHL – The Biology of Genomes 2014

CSHL - The Biology of Genomes 2014

Join us for a Workshop at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s – The Biology of Genomes 2014:

Finding Causal Variants & Genes in Human Genomes with Ingenuity Variant Analysis:

(Please note that the workshop is only open to the registered participants of the Cold Spring Harbor – Biology of Genomes Meeting 2014.)

Date – May 8th, 2014

Time – After morning sessions

Location – Plimpton Conference Room, Beckman Building
Cold Spring Harbor Labs

What you will learn

  • Quickly find causal variants by smartly annotating and comparing genomes via Ingenuity’s intuitive interface. Leverage the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base – the field’s deepest structured repository of functional insights on genes, pathways, phenotypes and other key concepts
  • Learn about new Variant Analysis features:
    • Comprehensive Pharmacogenetics Content -Relate key variants, genes, diseases and therapies via ~ 4 million curated findings
    • Avoid Usual Suspects - Filter out common false leads in short read-based human sequencing studies
    • Shareable Preview – Preview samples and analyses before publishing and share them with colleagues to spark collaborative discovery
  • Hear how colleagues are using Variant Analysis to find and publish causal variants today

For more information head over to the Cold Spring Harbor – The Biology of Genomes 2014.