Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Luncheon Presentation:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014; 1:10 – 1:40 pm

The Empowered Genome Community: First Insights from Shareable Joint Interpretation of Personal Genomes Research

Though genome sequencing is becoming more common, making each newly sequenced genome reliably health-informative will first require new scientific discoveries from thoroughly comparing many genomes, in light of who has particular diseases. Yet researchers still often lack enough well characterized genomes to informatively compare; and conversely, people who have been sequenced lack easy ways to explore their own genomes, and to usefully pool and compare them, for broader good. To jointly address these problems, we launched the Empowered Genome Community, an initiative bringing together people who have been sequenced through programs such as the Personal Genome Project (PGP) and Illumina’s Understand Your GenomeTM, and granting each member full access to her/his own genome in a secure online interpretive platform, Ingenuity Variant Analysis. There, members can explore their genomes privately – and, as desired, share them with other citizen-scientists and full-time researchers. Participants retain full ownership and control of their private data; and, because the platform’s interpretive functions are free for all users with active genomes in their accounts (whether their own, or shared from other users), the new effort can spark real collaborative discoveries about — and by — a growing cohort of individually well-sequenced and well-phenotyped people. Here we report early feedback and findings from this pioneering participatory whole genome effort, including proof-of-principle insights on a common complex disease (here, myopia) derived by open collaborative analysis of PGP genomes.


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