The 2015 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo plans to unite 3,000+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professionals from 32+ countries. The Expo provides the perfect venue to share information and discuss enabling technologies that are driving biomedical research and the drug development process.

Be sure to attend our presentation:

Vendor Theater Presentation: (Presentation theater on the exhibit floor)

Title: The CLC Server. A customizable software solution for analyzing vast amounts of NGS data
Description: QIAGEN Bioinformatics presents a suite of unique scalable enterprise software solutions for analyzing the growing amounts of data coming from NGS instruments in genomics research and translational research. There will be given an overview of the architecture and primary use cases hereunder the options for customizing the solution to fit customers’ needs and how to integrate popular tools from the open source community.

Date: Tue, April 21
Time of Event: 5:50-6:10 pm
Speaker: Mikael Flensborg, Director Global Partner Relations, Technology & Global Strategy-BA BIOX

Plenary Session Presentation: (Amphitheater)

Topic: Data Custodians, Patient Advocates
Description: One of the greatest challenges for every branch of medical science is rounding up patients for studies, trials, and endless measurements. What if patients could offer up their own data for research that interests and engages them? These panelists are working where big data science meets patient empowerment, finding ways that modern health records, patient portals, new data sources like next gen sequencing and activity trackers, and other technology innovations can give everyone a stake in how data are used. They will discuss how they keep patients in the research loop, and how non-professionals can be a driving force behind the medical breakthroughs of the future — in sickness and in health.

Date: Thursday, April 23
Time of Event: 8:25 am – 10:00 am
Speaker: Katherine Wendelsdorf, Ph.D., Field Application Scientist – Ingenuity Systems, QIAGEN Bioinformatics; Spokesperson, Empowered Genome Community

Stop by our booth #144 to meet our team and ask about our QIAGEN Sample to Insight Bioinformatics solutions platform for NGS data analysis and interpretation.