Webinar: Understanding the Cause and Effect of Gene Expression Changes

Register for an Ingenuity webinar that discusses powerful new features in IPA that will help you better understand the cause and effect of gene expression changes, and predict whether transcription factors are activated or inhibited, based on experimentally observed relationships.

Recently, Ingenuity introduced the Winter Release of IPA.  The latest release helps you better understand the cause and effect of gene expression changes in your experiments.  Predictions now can be made around which transcription factors could be responsible for gene expression and whether those transcription factors are activated or inhibited, all based on experimentally observed relationships.  In addition, powerful new tools help easily visualize downstream effects, so you can determine if differentially expressed genes are causing an increase or decrease in downstream biological processes or diseases.

The IPA Winter Release also includes a new way to visualize and explore isoform-specific biology by providing an integrated, interactive view of human isoforms and their relation to known biology.

Sylvie Mader, Ph.D. Professor at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer and Biochemistry Department, University of Montreal recently commented on the new features: “The new transcription factor analysis in IPA was extremely valuable in predicting the activation state of transcription factors in expression microarray data. I could quickly see whether transcription factors were inhibited or activated based on the expression changes of the genes in my experiment. Because transcription factor analysis in IPA uses experimentally observed relationships, it helped me identify a role for some transcription factors in mediating gene regulation in my datasets that I had not found by searching for enrichment in their binding sites in the flanking regions of these genes. This tool is not only a time saver; it can really enhance your analysis.”

To learn how the Winter Release could be used for your research, join us tomorrow for the webinar:

Strategies for Understanding Upstream Biological Causes and Downstream Effects: Relating Transcription Factor Activation and Inhibition to Observed Expression Changes

The webinar will explore how to obtain a better understanding of transcription factor activation and inhibition, using the new features in IPA and how you can gather additional insight into upstream biological causes and downstream biological effects related to observed expression changes in microRNA, mRNA and RNA-Seq cancer-related experiments.

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Speakers include:
Dr. Stuart Tugendreich, Director of Product Management, Ingenuity Systems
Dr. Aimee L. Jackson, Molecular Genomics Consultant, Jackson BioConsulting
Dr. Aaron Sarver, Bioinformatics Consultant, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota