Ingenuity highlights NGS in August with live scientific webinars on Deep Sequencing and IPA

Sandeep Sanga, Ph.D., Ingenuity System’s Bioinformatics Product Development Scientist, will be presenting 2 live scientific webinars this month entitled “NGS: Insights into Prostate Cancer Mechanisms via Integrated In Silico RNASeq Analysis of NGS Patients.”

Dr. Sandeep Sanga will demonstrate how IPA and the CLC Genomics Workbench were used together to analyze and identify insights from a publicly available prostate cancer RNA-Seq dataset. The goal of this study was to get novel insights into the mechanisms of prostate adenocarcinoma by leveraging NGS data, and in particular, human transcriptome data through in silico data analysis and interpretation. The talk highlights how high-resolution analysis of altered expression of genes can help pinpoint specific pathways and processes activated in growing tumors. Ingenuity and CLC bio have a NGS data integration partnership where scientists can upload their CLC bio datasets into IPA for biological analysis and interpretation.

Register for this live scientific webinar on Wednesday, August 10th or 24th.  Engage with Ph.D. scientists, who are working with NGS data, and learn how to utilize IPA to discover and validate your targets faster.

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Dr. Sanga presented a version of this talk in March at the X-Gen Congress, in April at the Next Gen Sequencing Congress, and then in June at the Beyond Sequencing Conference.

Learn how IPA can help your NGS Research:

  • Watch Dr. Sanga’s pre-recorded talk
  • Download the poster on RNA-Seq Analysis in IPA
  • Read about how Erasmus University has teamed up with Ingenuity for NGS research.
  • See who has published using IPA for NGS research (IPA has been referenced in over 4,500 scientific publications through June 2011).

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