NGS Market Report: Biological Interpretation of NGS Data

Ingenuity Systems was highlighted as a key thought leader in CHI’s recent market report on NGS trends.  Download this free excerpt from the market report to learn about the role that the biological interpretation of NGS and RNA-Seq data will play in coming months.

> Learn more about this approach – we’re pleased to offer a free excerpt from the market research report.

Cambridge Health Institute recently conducted a comprehensive study on the NGS market.   Included in the study were interviews with key NGS thought leaders, including Doug Bassett, Ingenuity’s Chief Science Officer and Chief Technology Officer.  The interview highlights a trending perspective on NGS data:  that interpreting NGS data in a biological context (mapping data to related pathways, diseases, functions, etc) is crucial to quickly identifying the most important variants for follow-up. This point was also emphasized by Eric Lander, Director of the Broad Institute, in his recent talk at MIT’s Conquering Cancer Symposium, when he said the real goal wasn’t just to do the sequencing, but to “map all this back to pathways.”

What are some of your thoughts about upcoming trends in NGS data analysis?