New Scientific Webinar from Nature on Genomics

If you missed the recent QIAGEN sponsored scientific webinar from Nature, it’s now available for viewing on Nature’s website.

“Realizing the promise of genomics through rapid innovation in biological analysis and interpretation

Discover how intuitive web-based applications can help scientists quickly analyze and accurately interpret the biological meaning in their genomic data.

In the last few years, researchers and clinicians have been faced with the challenge of how to effectively sort through and accurately understand the biological meaning from their genomic data.

Now, web-based applications such as QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Platform can be used to better comprehend complex biological systems, answer questions, analyze and interpret data.

In this webinar, the audience discovers how Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and Ingenuity Variant Analysis softwares are used by researchers to provide new insight into and quick interpretation of their scientific findings.

The speakers, John Martignetti and Garry Nolan, discuss how these software solutions were applied to their respective research areas to more effectively search, explore, visualize, analyze and interpret biological findings related to genes, proteins and small molecules.”