Drug Discovery Researchers To Benefit From New Covance-Ingenuity Collaboration

Covance Genomics and Ingenuity Systems today announced a collaboration to support next-generation sequencing research.  The two companies will develop approaches using IPA to obtain more actionable insights from next-generation sequencing data (NGS data), benefiting researchers doing drug discovery, personalized medicine, and translational medicine.

By Doug Bassett, PhD, CSO & CTO, Ingenuity Systems

We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with Covance Genomics. Covance is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies, and we will work together to enable analysis and interpretation of data from next-generation sequencing technologies, starting with RNA-Seq and resequencing data.

Through the collaboration, Covance will help its pharmaceutical clients maximize the value of their investment in NGS experiments by taking advantage of the Ingenuity Knowledge Base and Ingenuity technology.  The key to unlocking value from these NGS datasets is interpreting data in the kind of biological context provided by IPA and the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, which leverages high-quality biomedical information that has been reviewed and curated from the peer-reviewed literature. This approach helps relieve the NGS data analysis bottleneck by providing the biological context necessary to move past long noisy lists of genes, isoforms, and variants, and focus upon those that are most biologically compelling for follow-up study. This enables researchers to quickly get to the intended high-value results of biomarker identification, target ID and validation, understanding drug mechanism of action, safety assessment, and identification of causal variants associated with disease or therapeutic response.

“The complexity of next-generation sequencing data can be a challenge to translational science and medicine,” stated Tom Turi, Vice President, Science & Technology, Covance Discovery & Translational Services.  “We’re confident the combination of our best-in-class genomics data and the high-quality biological content and context provided by IPA will result in the delivery of more rapid, accurate, and thorough research services for our customers.”

We are also working with Covance to develop new capabilities to our mutual customers such as isoform-level insights for RNA-Seq data, interactive reports centered around a dataset of interest, and resequencing variant analysis that will enable researchers to get from 3 million variants to  fewer than fifty that are most biologically interesting for follow-up.

The upcoming release of IPA provides new support for RNA-Seq data analysis, in addition to a one-of-a-kind new microRNA Target Filter.  We’ll be discussing our upcoming release at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco, CA, February 23 -25 – stop by Booth 307 to learn more.  You can also attend our scientific presentation, “Using IPA to Explore microRNA Impacts on Molecular Mechanisms of Disease,”on Thursday at 12:30 pm (Molecular Diagnostics track), or stop by to see our poster on RNA-Seq data analysis using IPA.

You can learn more about Covance’s collaborative approach to drug discovery and development (including their use of IPA) by attending their luncheon presentation on Wednesday, February 23, at 1:10 pm, in the Drug Discovery and Development track.  Thomas Turi, Ph.D., Vice President, Science and Technology, Covance Discovery & Translational Services, Head Biomarker Center of Excellence, will be discussing “Strategic Partnering to Increase the Speed and Efficiency of Drug Discovery and Development.”