Product Update: Ingenuity Variant Analysis Winter Release Makes it Easier to Collaborate

We are very pleased to announce the annual winter release of QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Variant Analysis. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to innovation in data interpretation and keeping pace with the rapid advances happening in biomedical research.Monitor_IVA_winter

Here are some of the highlights:

Ingenuity Admin Tool (IAT) Group Access to Variant Analysis

The IAT tool enables you to easily manage group membership without contacting QIAGEN Bioinformatics Customer Support. Users may now be added or removed from your group directly through the IAT portal. To add this feature, please contact Customer Support and request the addition of group access to your Variant Analysis account.

Instant Access to BIOBASE’s HGMD Content

New in this release, you are no longer required to obtain an HGMD license from BIOBASE for access to up-to-date HGMD content. You can now access HGMD content directly within Variant Analysis by clicking on a variants’ accession ID.

Contribute to Allele Frequency Calculations

If you are working with allele frequency data, we invite you to contribute to a new community resource we are helping to build.  By “opting-in” within Ingenuity Variant Analysis and agreeing to allow your sequences to be added, you contribute to the growth and realization of the value of this unique database. In return, you will have access to the allele frequency database as it grows and be able to run your own calculations. Visit Allele Frequency Community webpage to learn more.

New Purchasing Model

Pay-by-sample plans have been eliminated in favor of a flexible tiered-based subscription model that simplifies budgeting and planning. For more information on the new subscription tiers please refer to the “How Variant Analysis Subscriptions Work” on the Ingenuity Variant Analysis Resources page.

To learn more, you can read the Ingenuity Variant Analysis Winter Release Notes.