Product Update: Ingenuity Variant Analysis 2014 Summer Release


SummerRelease_700x300_081214Our software developers have been hard at work this summer improving Ingenuity Variant Analysis.

One of the most powerful features of Variant Analysis is filtering.  Using the application’s filters, researchers can create Interactive Filter Cascades that quickly narrow in on the most interesting variants for follow-on studies.  In our July release of Ingenuity Variant Analysis, we added some new filtering capabilities that we thought you’d be interested in hearing more about.  Login now to experience the new features first hand.

Segregation by Family/Kindred filter

While many mutations occur spontaneously, there are mutations that have high penetrance and are passed on from generation to generation. Often times it is useful to identify those kindred mutations.

With the July release of Ingenuity Variant Analysis, users can now group suspect variants based on whether the variants occur in families rather than individuals. Additionally, the application allows filtering on whether the variant(s) are found in affected family members or carriers. This facilitates the identification of suspect variants in hereditary or rare diseases.  You will find these new capabilities within the Genetics Filter of Variant Analysis when pedigree information is supplied.

Enhanced Field Filtering

While Ingenuity Variant Analysis allows general search via its search text box, often times a user needs to perform nested searches based on specific values in existing fields. With the July release, users can now quickly search for samples matching terms present in annotation fields.  Additionally, users will be able to further refine their searches by nesting the search fields. This should greatly help users with many samples hone in on the samples they’re interested in for use in creating new analyses.

Option to disable Auto-Recalculate

Ingenuity Variant Analysis has a growing list of features to help quickly identify causal variants in a group of samples. One common bit of feedback we get is that if a user has two or more adjustments to the filter cascade, Variant Analysis automatically recalculates the filter cascade each time a single adjustment is applied. This can be frustrating especially if one already has a long list of adjustments they would like to apply to their cascade but are forced to wait for each adjustment to undergo recalculation. With the July release, there is now the option to disable auto-recalculate of the filter cascade after each adjustment is made. We think this new feature will save a lot of time and make iterative testing of filter combinations much faster.

You can find more information at Ingenuity Variant Analysis 2014 Summer’s Release notes.

If you have any questions about these new filtering features, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.