Plugin Developed to Bring RNA-Seq Data From Open Source Tool Galaxy into IPA for Biological Interpretation

University of Mainz researchers can upload their NGS data into Galaxy for upstream analysis and narrow in on a subset of genes for further investigation in IPA, leveraging  the rich biological context of Ingenuity’s curated content and analytics to understand their data in a biological context.

Today a new plugin was announced that links the open source Galaxy software with IPA. The plugin, still under development, will enable Mainz researchers who have used Galaxy to analyze NGS data and identify a key subset of genes to bring those genes into IPA  in order to better understand the key pathways and biological processes involved with those genes.   The plug in was developed by the Translational Oncology group (TRON) at the Medical University of Mainz and “will help researchers spend less time on the manipulations of data, and more time focusing on the important scientific questions,” commented Dr. John Castle, head of Bioinformatics/Genomics at TRON.

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