Now Available in Variant Analysis: Export to Ion Reporter

With the release of Ion Reporter™ 1.6 on May 15, users of the Ingenuity® Variant Analysis™ integration can now export their filtered list of variants and Ingenuity annotations back to Ion Reporter for use in creating their final report. With Ion Reporter users having now analyzed over 1900 samples through the Variant Analysis workflow, this comes at a great time for users to take advantage of this enhancement.

Introducing the Variant Analysis Export to Ion Reporter Feature

Ingenuity Variant Analysis is integrated into Ion Reporter, providing simple and secure access to the HIPAA-compliant, web-based application, which helps researchers studying disease to identify biologically relevant variants from Ion Torrent human sequencing data in just hours. With Variant Analysis, you can apply multiple filters to interrogate your variants from multiple biological perspectives, explore different biological hypotheses, and identify the most promising variants for follow-up.

After applying filters to narrow down the list of variants to only the most biologically relevant, you can export that list and the relevant annotations back to Ion Reporter.  Exporting back to Ion Reporter can be done by simply clicking the “Export” button and selecting the “Ion Reporter” option:


Back in Ion Reporter you will now see a new Ingenuity Variant Analysis filter option under both the Analyze and Report Roles.  Select to filter the list of variants that passed the filters in your most recently exported Variant Analysis session:


Now you can display only those variants that passed all filters in Variant Analysis and can show the results of the assessment based on literature evidence provided by Ingenuity. The assessment is now available in a column called “Ingenuity”:


Prepaid access continues

Ion Torrent and Ingenuity Systems are continuing to provide prepaid access to Ingenuity Variant Analysis for new Ion Reporter users.  This is a great opportunity to try out the integration and see how fast and easy it is to do biological analysis and interpretation with an interactive filter cascade in Variant Analysis.