New NGS Data Analysis Solution: Ingenuity Variant Analysis Workflow within Ion Reporter 1.2

View a short demo video to see how Ingenuity Variant Analysis is seamlessly integrated into the recently released Ion Reporter 1.2 Software Suite from Ion Torrent, a Life Technologies company.

Ingenuity® Variant Analysis™ is now available FREE (for a limited time) as part of the standard workflows in Ion Reporter™ 1.2.  It combines analytical tools and integrated content to help you rapidly identify the most compelling disease variants using selection criteria based both upon published biological evidence and your own knowledge of disease biology.  Your assayed variants become useful and actionable once they are associated with disease biology.

The Variant Analysis workflow is integrated into Ion Reporter so you can securely transfer and analyze your data without logging in again or manually uploading files.  You don’t need to hassle with multiple windows.  The full feature version of Variant Analysis is embedded within Ion Reporter to help you identify the important variants.

Ingenuity is providing a special promotional offer to new Ion Reporter users that gives no charge access to the full feature Variant Analysis for an unlimited number of samples until December 31, 2012.  After December 31, 2012, samples selected by the user may be purchased for an additional 12 months of access in Variant Analysis.

View a short demo video below:


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