Wyeth Extends and Expands its Licensing of IPA


Redwood City, CA – October 25, 2005 - Ingenuity announced today that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: WYE) has extended and expanded  its licensing of the IPA software and will be deploying it broadly across its discovery and development organizations worldwide.

IPA 3.0, released last month, enables researchers to model, analyze and understand the complex biological systems at the core of life science research.  With IPA 3.0, scientists can integrate their own biological discoveries into Ingenuity networks, enabling more powerful computation and functional analysis. IPA 3.0 allows scientists to create customized pathways for particular targets, biomarkers, disease areas, and processes, leveraging Ingenuity’s broad knowledge base of biological relationships between genes and proteins, cells, tissues, and diseases.

“Wyeth continues to embrace pathways analysis software as a critical element to successful therapeutic research and development,” stated Peter DiLaura, Vice President, Sales and Customer Support. “Ingenuity is pleased that Wyeth is both renewing and expanding its use of Ingenuity technology, and Ingenuity will continue its commitment to provide the highest quality pathways solutions available today.”

For more information about IPA 3.0, please email sales@ingenuity.com or go to www.ingenuity.com

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Ingenuity enables researchers to model, analyze and understand complex biological systems foundational to human health and disease. The Ingenuity products include pathways analysis software and knowledge bases for biologists and bioinformaticians, and enterprise knowledge management infrastructure, content and services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Ingenuity was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan. www.ingenuity.com.