QIAGEN Integration Update


As we move deeper into 2014, we wanted to provide our customers and others interested in our progress an update on the integration with QIAGEN. It has been nine months since QIAGEN acquired Ingenuity Systems and we are pleased to share with you that the integration has progressed smoothly.

Over the next few months, you will see some changes that we wanted to mention here:

  1. Ingenuity Systems has been rebranded as QIAGEN Silicon Valley. QIAGEN Silicon Valley is the company’s Center of Excellence in Biological Analysis and Interpretation. This official name change marks a major milestone for Ingenuity and emphasizes our reputation for providing superior solutions while expanding our global capabilities by being part of the innovative Life Science and Diagnostic enterprise of QIAGEN.
  2. There will also be some other branding updates to our materials and website as well as the look-and-feel you see at our booth during tradeshows.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to our customers and innovation in biological interpretation. The team at QIAGEN Silicon Valley will continue to market, sell, and provide support for the entire Ingenuity product line. Account managers will not change and we will continue to provide the same products, services and support that you have always experienced from Ingenuity.

QIAGEN Silicon Valley’s single mission continues to be the leading provider of biomedical information and analysis solutions for the exploration, interpretation and elucidation of complex biological systems in life science research and also molecular diagnostics, an area we’ll be moving more into this year and beyond.

If you do have questions, please contact your Ingenuity account manager or our customer support department.