Product Update: QIAGEN’s IPA and Variant Analysis 2014 Fall Releases

We’ve had a busy fall here at QIAGEN Bioinformatics, culminating in significant product updates for both the IPA and Ingenuity Variant Analysis applications. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to innovation in data interpretation and keeping pace with the rapid advances happening in biomedical research.

Here are some of the highlights: 

Ingenuity Variant Analysis:Ingenuity Variant Analysis 2014 Fall Release

One of the powerful new capabilities for Variant Analysis released this fall is the ability to pre-filter data during the pre-analysis step. This convenient feature allows you to speed loading and optimize system resources by focusing on exonic regions, high-quality variants or likely causal variants typically absent in a “normal” population. You can also filter on Copy Number Variants which are specified as a range of bases along with corresponding copy number in VCFS files.

The Ingenuity Variant Analysis Fall Release also includes:

  • Splice site prediction for calculating the effects of single nucleotide variations (SNVs) on splicing events
  • Tighter integration with HGMD which now includes HGMD findings directly within Ingenuity Variant Analysis, no need for a separate HGMD Pro subscription
  • Search for only variants that are also listed in HGMD Pro
  • Pre-filtering to speed up the analysis of vary large cohort studies

Watch the features highlight in Variant Analysis Fall Release video.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis:

New to IPA is the ability to predict the activity of Canonical Pathways. Now IPA calculates whether Canonical Pathway activity is likely increased or decreased based on differentially expressed genes or proteins in your dataset.

The IPA Fall Release also includes:FallRelease_300x250_101414

  • PathTracer: A quick way to highlight relationships and nodes of interest within networks and pathways
  • BioProfiler: A new way to explore the detailed relationships between molecules and their associated diseases, functions, or phenotypes
  • Relationship Export: Export the structural information contained within IPA networks or pathways

Watch the features highlight in IPA Fall Release video.