Product Update: Ingenuity Pathway Analysis 2014 Summer Release


For some, summer is defined by a day at the beach, a BBQ with friends or the 4th of July fireworks.  For us, it’s the annual Ingenuity Pathway Analysis 2014 Summer Release.  In the 11 years since we officially launched IPA, the application has grown into one of the most well-used and cited (nearly 10,500 citations) bioinformatics tools for modeling, analyzing, and understanding complex biological and chemical systems.

Some of the highlights from this summer’s release:

Exploring Endpoints of Canonical Pathways

Canonical Pathways in IPA have historically displayed disease and functional endpoints as “text boxes.” Now, these endpoints can be used to interactively visualize the directional impact a pathway exerts upon them. In the new IPA release, diseases and functions on Canonical Pathways are interactive and can be used by the Molecule Activity Predictor (MAP) to simulate the effect on disease or function. Using this feature, you can now explore how endpoints of Canonical Pathways may be increased or decreased based on activation or inhibition of molecules within that pathway.

Discover & Explore Diseases or Functions

It’s never been faster to discover diseases or functions that are biologically (and statistically) relevant to a set of molecules on a network or pathway. With Ingenuity IPA, you can now automatically connect diseases or functions of interest to the relevant molecules and use MAP (Molecule Activity Predictor) to simulate how activated or inhibited molecules are likely to affect the disease based on findings in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base.

Configure Comparison Analysis Heat Maps

When comparing an analysis heat map, you can quickly focus on diseases, functions, or Canonical Pathways of interest and narrow the list of diseases, functions, or pathways that are shown in a given heat map. In the Disease and Functions tab, you can filter on major categories or on specific individual diseases and functions.

If you have any questions about these new features, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.