New IPA 8.0 Features Dynamic Reports and Weekly Content Updates

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Redwood City, CA – November 15, 2009Ingenuity Systems, the leading provider of information solutions for life science researchers, today announced the new release of IPA 8.0.  The current version features dynamic reports, new weekly content updates, and additional clinical biomarker content.

IPA 8.0 enables researchers to keep pace with the increasingly complex developments in the diagnosis, treatment, and etiology of diseases by providing a central place to analyze molecular data, generate testable hypotheses, and build and visualize molecular models of their experimental systems.  The powerful new features enable researchers to update those models with recent insights, and generate custom reports to communicate and share with collaborators.

“The new dynamic reports in IPA 8.0 provide researchers with a unique, convenient, and high value overview of information directly relevant to their pathways, diseases, or custom list of genes,” commented Brigitte Ganter, Ph.D., Director Product Management, Ingenuity Systems.  “IPA 8.0 will also include weekly content updates, in addition to our quarterly content releases, so researchers can revise models or analyses to include new published results.”

An overview of IPA 8.0 features are:

Dynamically Generated Pathway and List Reports

  • Understand the broader relevance of a particular pathway or gene list by generating reports with detailed summaries and tables describing pathway functions, top biological processes, drugs targeting pathway members, and targets in the pathway
  • Generate custom reports for any My Pathway or My List, including your own uploaded lists and gene lists resulting from searches

Weekly Content Updates

  • Get immediate access to Findings added to the Ingenuity Knowledge Base each week
  • Easily refresh My Networks and My Pathways with recently added molecular interactions and regulatory events
  • Weekly updates to Gene Views and Chem Views highlight recent developments in your field

Clinical Biomarkers

  • Over 1200 genes, transcript, protein, and metabolite biomarkers used in clinical settings are now available in IPA
  • Newly added biomarkers are relevant to a range of applications to over 190 diseases
  • Identify biomarkers by their specific application, including disease diagnosis and prognosis, disease progression, markers of drug efficacy and safety, and patient response to therapy
  • Gain confidence during biomarker discovery and validation by identifying clinical biomarkers during key workflows such as data analysis, pathway building, list filtering, and search

Improved Pathway Generation & Exploration Tools

  • New network size parameters enable you to build larger networks, consolidating key molecular events and highlighting central regulatory molecules
  • Date range filters customize networks to highlight more recent discoveries

Pathways and Findings

  • 9 New Disease Pathways
  • 6 New Signaling Pathways
  • Updates to protein-protein interaction content from INTACT, BIOGRID, MINT, and DIP
  • Additional content for CNS disorders, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

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