IPA Winter ’04 Release Now Available


Mountain View, California, January 19, 2004 – Ingenuity announced today powerful new features added to the IPA application that enable researchers to gain rapid and novel insights from their proteomics experiments as well as their gene expression datasets. Ingenuity also announced that customer adoption is rapidly accelerating in all segments of the market, particularly with the large pharmaceutical companies. Specific customer announcements will be made shortly.

IPA enables biologists to explore, understand, and discover therapeutically relevant networks significant to their experiment results. Using a researcher’s gene or protein dataset in conjunction with Ingenuity’s genome-scale biological knowledge base, the application generates multiple biological networks with associated functional analysis to facilitate biological understanding of an experiment.

Major new features:

  • Assigns biological functions to generated networks. The most important biological processes underlying a particular network are presented to the user for rapid understanding and novel insights.

… and more.

In addition to supporting gene expression analysis for target identification and validation, this new version empowers biologists to understand the biological networks of proteomic experiments in early phases of drug discovery. Researchers are also now using this application for biomarker validation for pre-clinical analysis and lead identification.

Frank C. Mara, Senior Vice President at Ingenuity stated, “The rapid pace of adoption by the industry of Ingenuity’s systems biology solutions is demonstrated by eight out of the top ten pharmaceutical companies purchasing our products in the last few months.”

About Ingenuity Systems

Ingenuity Systems is helping life science researchers explore and understand biological systems that are foundational to human health and disease. Ingenuity delivers capabilities and expertise to researchers through analysis software, genome-scale computable network databases, and knowledge management services and infrastructure, resulting in increased productivity and faster drugs to market. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. www.ingenuity.com.

  • Overlays metabolic and signaling pathways on generated networks. A researcher can now cross reference biological networks generated from their datasets with well-known pathways.
  • Allows a biologist to expand from a single network. A scientist can navigate from a single network to visualize other biologically related networks.
  • Increased content.
  • Updated gene and protein dataset mapping, including two new Affymetrix GeneChip® microarrays.