IPA Summer Release 2015


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We are very pleased to announce the annual summer release of IPA.  Since IPA was launched in 2003 (Beta in 2002), we have released new updates to the product every spring, summer, fall, and winter. Today, IPA has been broadly adopted by the life science research community and is cited in more than 139,00 peer-reviewed journal articles.

One significant benefit of IPA is the ability to reveal potential causal associations hidden in your datasets of differentially expressed genes. A major new feature in this summer’s release is a new gene-level heatmap tool that provides greater clarity into which genes are up- or down-regulated in a particular pathway, upstream regulator, or downstream disease or function across conditions.

For example, if you were to perform two different analyses using different experimental conditions, IPA might predict that a particular upstream regulator is increasing in activity but these may not involve exactly the same set of genes across different datasets or analyses. The new gene heat maps found via IPA’s Comparison Analysis functionality can help you quickly examine and identify significant expression differences across those conditions.

Fig 1


Make it easier to launch by installing the IPA client on your computer

This installer will enable you to access IPA like other desktop applications on your computer (though still requiring an internet connection). You will no longer need to launch IPA through a browser and no longer need to install Java.

You can try this new functionality by downloading the IPA Client installer from this link:

https://analysis.ingenuity.com/pa/installer/select and following the instructions.