IPA Summer ’04 Release Includes Major New Features


Drug Discovery Technology Conference, Boston, August 9, 2004 – Ingenuity announced today a new release of its flagship product, IPA, which includes new features that target R&D productivity bottlenecks. Existing IPA customers are immediately upgraded at no additional cost.

Ingenuity also announced today an independent, ROI Analysis Report from IDC Life Science Insights on large scale deployment of pathways software in pharmaceutical companies; a new Ingenuity Enterprise Collaboration application for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; a new Ingenuity Workgroup Collaboration application for government and non-profit institutions; a new, multi-year agreement with Millennium Pharmaceuticals; and the launch of Ingenuity University with initial classes that teach “best practices” and use of pathways analysis in drug discovery and development. For details on these other announcements, please refer to the company’s other press releases dated today.

With this new version of IPA, scientists can concurrently analyze multiple datasets across different experimentation platforms and identify key functions and pathways that distinguish biological states. This innovative technology is especially useful for:

  • Dose response assessment
  • Patient stratification for clinical trials
  • Time course experiments, and
  • Simultaneous analysis of gene lists and protein lists.

The web-delivered application makes use of the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base, the world’s largest curated database consisting of millions of individually modeled relationships between proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases.

Key new features include:

  • Network Comparison
    • Compare up to ten networks from different observations to understand overlapping or distinct functional trends.
  • Global Functional Analysis
    • Graphically display top biological processes across multiple datasets.
  • Network Merging
    • Merge networks to create an integrated picture of biological relationships.
  • Simultaneous Analysis Of Gene And Protein Experiments
    • Concurrently analyze a gene dataset with a protein dataset, and visualize networks based on both transcription and translation events for a comprehensive biological analysis.
  • NCBI GI and Genpept Identifiers
    • Identifiers now supported include NCBI GI and Genpept as well as Affymetrix, UniGene, GenBank, LocusLink, and SwissProt Protein Accession Numbers.
  • Identifier Export
    • Easily export all identifiers from an analysis network to aid follow-up experiment design.
  • Enhanced Content
    • Leverages the latest information added to the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base, including additional pathways, genes, proteins, interactions, drugs and disease data.

An Ingenuity customer survey conducted in the first half of 2004 revealed that scientists who use IPA reduced their experimental analysis time by over 50%, savings weeks and months per experiment. Further, 79% of these scientists also claimed to discover novel insights through the use of this innovative application.

“Ingenuity customers are realizing very dramatic productivity improvements that are positively impacting their daily job performance and, ultimately their companies’ drug pipelines and financial performance,” stated Frank C. Mara, Senior Vice President of Ingenuity. “Broad deployment of the IPA application is the most effective, immediate answer to productivity challenges as highlighted in the ROI Analysis Report from IDC Life Science Insights, which was also announced today.”

The summer release of IPA delivers an impressive new list of high-value benefits to drug companies:

  • Distinguish biological states
    • Scientists will quickly gain a deeper biological understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that distinguish multiple biological states assayed in different experiments.
  • Improve time course experiment results
    • Researchers can now graphically visualize how biological interactions, processes, and pathways change over time rather than previously focusing on how clusters of genes change over time.
  • Increase understanding of dose response experiments
    • Scientists are able to explore and understand how biological interactions, processes, and pathways change in response to varying levels of a therapeutic or other biological perturbation.
  • Ensure successful clinical trials through improved patient stratification
    • Improve clinical trial results through increased accuracy of patient stratification; separate responders from non-responders, and more accurately identify disease subtypes.
  • Leverage both gene and protein expertise and investments
    • Today, protein and gene research groups typically function independently because of the lack of any ‘bridging’ technologies. Now, IPA supports simultaneous protein dataset and gene dataset analysis, empowering these research groups to collaborate and combine the strengths of both disciplines.

About Ingenuity Systems

Ingenuity Systems is helping life science researchers explore and understand biological systems that are foundational to human health and disease. Ingenuity delivers capabilities and expertise to researchers through analysis software, genome-scale computable network databases, and knowledge management services and infrastructure, resulting in increased productivity and faster drugs to market. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.www.ingenuity.com.