IPA and Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base Licensed by Bristol-Myers Squibb


Mountain View, CA – July 26, 2005 – Ingenuity announced today that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY) for the licensing and deployment of both the IPA application and the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base.

“This relationship with Bristol-Myers Squibb creates the opportunity to embed and extend the value of pathways analysis in all areas of their R&D pipeline,” said Jake Leschly, Chief Executive Officer of Ingenuity Systems. “By deploying IPA to all Bristol-Myers Squibb scientists, and by integrating IPA and the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base with existing Bristol-Myers Squibb bioinformatics solutions, Bristol-Myers Squibb will create an integrated pathways workflow for Bristol-Myers Squibb researchers that has the opportunity to impact decisions at every stage from early discovery to late-stage development.”

The IPA application makes use of the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base, the world’s largest curated database consisting of millions of individually modeled relationships between proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases. Using IPA, scientists are finding value in using a pathways and functional analysis approach to understand the biology of their experimental data across all areas of the drug discovery and development applications spectrum, from target identification and validation to biomarkers, predictive toxicology, and patient stratification.

Fully functional complimentary trials are available to qualified scientists at http://www.ingenuity.com/trial/start.html

About Ingenuity Systems

Ingenuity Systems is helping life science researchers explore and understand biological systems that are foundational to human health and disease. Ingenuity delivers capabilities and expertise to researchers through analysis software, genome-scale computable network databases, and knowledge management services and infrastructure, resulting in increased productivity and faster drugs to market. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.www.ingenuity.com.