Ingenuity Systems and Pfizer Announce Strategic Partnership for Pathway Analysis

IPA to be deployed broadly to researchers at Pfizer, integrated with internal solutions

Durham, NC – May 20, 2008 – Omicsoft Corporation, the premiere visualization and analysis software for the interpretation of high dimensional data, and Ingenuity Systems, today announced a partnership aimed at facilitating the downstream interpretation of analyzed microarray data. Integration between Array Studio software from Omicsoft Corporation and IPA provides users the ability to upload the results of microarray analysis directly into IPA to rapidly identify the molecular networks, cellular and disease phenotypes and pathways most significantly associated with their data.

Array Studio’s unique visualization experience, as well as the total integration with IPA, provides joint users of both programs a range of options, from uploading analyzed results of experiments, to viewing individual genes and pathways in IPA. “The integration of IPA and Array Studio will allow the biologists, who are able to easily analyze their own experiments and visualize these results using Array Studio, the ability to further interpret those results using the database and algorithms found in IPA”, said Matt Newman, VP of Customer Support and Relations for Omicsoft Corporation, and a former biologist and user of both Array Studio and IPA.

“This integration is important because it demonstrates our commitment to address our customers’ needs for tools that support their workflow,” stated Tuan Nguyen, Vice President, Partner and Professional Services. “Through the integration, researchers can seamlessly access IPA for analysis and experimental modeling to understand the significance of their data in relation to larger biological or chemical systems.”

About Array Studio and Omicsoft Corporation
Omicsoft is a software company specializing in software for the analysis of high-dimensional data (including microarray, RT-PCR/Taqman, and SNP data).

Array Studio is a software package which provides state of the art statistics and visualization for the analysis of high dimensional quantification data (e.g. Microarray or Taqman data) and genotype data (e.g SNP data). The software is designed for ease of use so that biologists can function at near the level of informatics specialists. Omicsoft provides the fastest, easiest, and most powerful solution for -omic data analysis on the market.

Early versions of Array Studio have been used by over 200 industrial users in the past three years. More than 300 features in version 2.0 have been implemented based on feedback by those users.

Array Studio can be used for:

1. Affymetrix data QC, analysis and visualization (3’IVT, exon or gene arrays, SNP arrays) 2. Illumina data QC, analysis and visualization (expression and SNP support) 3. Taqman data QC, analysis and visualization 4. SNP/Genotyping analysis (Case/Control , Quantitative Trait , Categorical Trait , Stratified Trait, and Survival Trait Association Analysis) 4. GEO data importing, QC, analysis and visualization 5. General high dimensional data analysis, visualization, and manipulation 6. High dimensional data management 7. General data visualization and data manipulation 8. Full integration with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, including Data Upload, Pathway Upload, View Canonical Pathway, Search, Gene View, Relationship to gene, and Gene Neighborhood

About Ingenuity Systems®
Ingenuity Systems is a leading provider of information solutions for the exploration, interpretation, and analysis of life science information. All of Ingenuity’s products and services have one common goal — to help life science researchers generate maximum value from all types of biological and chemical knowledge. Ingenuity offers a broad and flexible range of solutions that can be tailored to needs of various clients, including academic and therapeutic area researchers, computational biologists and informatics departments, and suppliers in the life sciences industry. All of the products leverage Ingenuity’s knowledge base, the largest data base of its kind, which houses the biological and chemical relationships extracted from scientific literature. The information is uniquely structured so scientists can ask complex biological questions to gain rapid insight into their experimental data or create relevant biological models to move forward in their research. Today, Ingenuity’s solutions are used by thousands of researchers at hundreds of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research institutions worldwide. Ingenuity was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.