Ingenuity Announces Immediate Availability of IPA 3.0


Mountain View, CA September 22, 2005 – Ingenuity announced today the release and immediate availability of IPA 3.0. The fundamentally re-designed IPA 3.0 is a next generation pathways tool, enabling life science researchers to model, analyze and understand complex biological systems and enhancing the productivity of pharmaceutical research and development.

Pathway and functional analysis of large datasets

  • Analyze micro-array and proteomics data in the context of pathways
  • Compare changes in biological states across time and dosages
  • Derive biological function from genomic/proteomic data sets

Build and customize any pathway

  • Create customized pathways for targets, biomarkers, processes, diseases and more
  • Integrate personal insights into any pathway
  • Integrate proprietary relationships into any pathway
  • Analyze customized pathways to derive biological function

Search and Exploration

  • Search based on genes, proteins, diseases, processes, functions, and identifiers
  • Use search results to build novel pathways
  • Expand pathways to build and test hypotheses

Personalize and share IPA experience

  • Share analyses, personalized pathways and insights with colleagues
  • Create virtual communities for sharing and receiving pathway insights

A doubling of expert curated pathways content

  • Unparalleled quality of 100% expert curated content
  • Structured using Ingenuity industry leading ontology

“IPA 3.0 is a remarkable step forward in the ability of researchers to understand complex biology,” said Dr. Ron Davis, Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics and Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center. “It will define how people think about pathways in basic science and translational medicine and undoubtedly become a vital tool in academic and pharmaceutical research.”

IPA 3.0 is immediately available as a web-based application or as a customized and deployed solution, and is supported with global customer support and training. IPA 3.0 also supports integration with third party and customer content and applications.

“I am enormously proud of the Ingenuity team for their hard work and commitment to making IPA 3.0 a reality,” said Jake Leschly, Chief Executive Officer of Ingenuity Systems. “IPA 3.0 is a major step in Ingenuity’s seven years of product innovation, and represents the insights and feedback from thousands of users on ways to make IPA an even more powerful solution for delivering insights to scientists and enhanced productivity to our pharmaceutical and biotech customers.”

Trials of IPA 3.0 are being offered at For more information about IPA 3.0, please email or go

About Ingenuity Systems®

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