Compendia Bioscience and Ingenuity Systems Partner to Integrate Cancer Gene Signature Data with Network Analysis Tools

Ann Arbor, MI – February 22, 2007 – Compendia Bioscience, Inc.™, the leading provider of cancer profiling data and analysis tools, and Ingenuity Systems®, the leading provider of software and data bases for biological exploration, interpretation, and analysis, today announced the integration of their flagship products Oncomine™ Professional and IPA.

These newly integrated products will allow users to navigate directly from cancer gene signatures discovered in Oncomine Professional to the curated pathway information available from IPA.

Oncomine Professional is a rapidly growing compendium of transcriptome profiles coupled with analysis functions and a web application for data mining and visualization. Comprised of thousands of profiles representing every major type of cancer, Oncomine Professional was developed to exploit this data for therapeutic target discovery, validation, and prioritization. IPA is a software application that enables biologists and bioinformaticians to identify the biological mechanisms, pathways, and functions most relevant to their experimental datasets or genes of interest.

“In recent years, we have witnessed an explosion of genome-scale cancer profiling. Known types and subtypes of cancer can now be distinguished by their gene expression patterns,” said Matt Anstett, Vice President of Scientific Applications at Compendia Bioscience. “Our goal is to maximize the usefulness of this information, by providing users with the tools they need to interpret gene signatures in biologically meaningful terms. Integrating Compendia’s cancer gene signatures with Ingenuity’s pathway analysis goes a long way towards accomplishing that goal.”

“I am enthusiastic about the integration between IPA and Compendia’s Oncomine Professional, as it will expedite discoveries in the field of cancer research,” continued Tuan Nguyen, Vice President, Partner and Professional Services. “An integrated workflow based on IPA’s capabilities for rapid and reliable biological interpretation of Compendia’s high quality cancer transcriptome profiles provides a powerful and complete solution to oncology researchers focused on understanding mechanisms of disease, and on the discovery and validation of cancer biomarkers.”

About Compendia Bioscience, Inc.™

Compendia Bioscience is dedicated to harnessing the global collection of high throughput molecular data to provide researchers with the data and analysis tools necessary to validate biomarker and gene target discoveries, better understand mechanisms of disease, and optimize clinical studies. Compendia’s first product, Oncomine™ Professional, empowers oncology research by bringing advanced data analysis tools to the world’s largest cancer gene expression database, which now includes data from 18,740 microarray experiments curated from 264 independent studies. Oncomine was originally developed for academic use at the University of Michigan, and continues to be freely available to academic users. Compendia Bioscience was founded in 2006 to extend Oncomine to the commercial sector, and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

About Ingenuity Systems®

Ingenuity enables researchers to model, analyze and understand complex biological systems foundational to human health and disease. The Ingenuity products include pathways analysis software and knowledge bases for biologists and bioinformaticians, and enterprise knowledge management infrastructure, content and services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Ingenuity was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan.