Your Chance to Help Father-Daughter Trailblazers!

What a great idea: a team of documentary filmmakers is looking to tell the story of Bea Rienhoff, the young girl whose father managed to diagnose her never-seen-before disease. (If you missed our profile of this feat, check it out here.)

Hugh Rienhoff, who performed the remarkable scientific work, has been a source of inspiration to us at QIAGEN Silicon Valley for years. So we’re glad to pass on the word that the filmmaking team is trying to crowd fund this effort with a Kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000.

The film will focus not just on Bea’s diagnostic odyssey, but on what it’s like for a child to grow up with a rare disease. Filmmakers also expect to highlight the need for family advocacy in cases like Bea’s. “As Bea starts to get older, more and more questions arise about what physical and emotional challenges she will face as she nears adulthood,” the team wrote in the campaign description. “With a clearly unknown future it would be easy to focus on adversity as a negative, but through the eyes of Bea and her family this story embraces life and all it has to offer.”

We hope you’ll consider contributing to this worthy cause. Every little bit helps!