BGI will offer QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Variant Analysis to 10,000-plus customers

BGI+IVAWe wanted to share some exciting news with you from earlier this month in case you might have missed it.  On May 5th we announced the expansion of our collaboration with BGI, the world’s largest genomics organization.  Moving forward, all of BGI’s customers will receive sequencing data generated from their samples through Ingenuity Variant Analysis’ secure, web-based platform for analysis and interpretation of sequencing data.

This is an exciting news that makes Variant Analysis initially available to BGI’s customers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with plans to expand to other regions throughout the year. BGI collaborates with more than 10,000 organizations and 30,000 partners worldwide, providing sequencing services for thousands of research projects, including large-scale genome initiatives.

Yingrui Li, Chief Scientist of BGI, said of the news: “We welcome this opportunity to expand our relationship with QIAGEN for the benefit of BGI collaborators around the world. Coupling BGI’s world-class sequencing with the deep bioinformatics of Ingenuity Variant Analysis will give researchers an enhanced, integrated way to seamlessly move quickly from raw data to valuable insights.”

We are honored that Variant Analysis continues to be recognized by the world’s leading sequencing service providers as a value-added data interpretation solution for their customers. In March 2015, QIAGEN also announced a reseller agreement with GATC Biotech, a leading European provider of DNA and RNA sequencing, to provide access to Ingenuity Variant Analysis as part of GATC’s sequencing services.

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