Aventis Licenses Ingenuity’s Products For Drug Discovery

Aventis Licenses Ingenuity’s Products For Drug Discovery

Mountain View, California, February 10, 2004 – Ingenuity announced today that Aventis has licensed the IPA application for use by its biologists to better understand the biology underlying experimental datasets. Aventis also licensed the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base to enable its bioinformaticians to create proprietary systems biology solutions for internal use.

IPA is a web-delivered application that enables biologists to explore, understand, and discover therapeutically relevant networks significant to their experiment results.

“The Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base is the world’s largest manually curated biological database created from millions of individually modeled relationships between proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases,” said Frank C. Mara, Senior Vice President of Ingenuity. “This product is distinctive in its unrivaled computational capabilities enabled through its highly structured ontology, unsurpassed quality of data, and genome-scale coverage. We are pleased Aventis has chosen Ingenuity.”

About Ingenuity Systems

Ingenuity Systems is helping life science researchers explore and understand biological systems that are foundational to human health and disease. Ingenuity delivers capabilities and expertise to researchers through analysis software, genome-scale computable network databases, and knowledge management services and infrastructure, resulting in increased productivity and faster drugs to market. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.www.ingenuity.com.