At AGBT, Attention for the Allele Frequency Community

The QIAGEN Bioinformatics team has been having a blast at AGBT this week, but we were especially proud on Thursday to show off the new Allele Frequency Community at the meeting’s software demo session.

Doug at AlleleFreq Launch AGBT2015

Douglas Bassett VP, Translational & Chief Scientific Officer-BIOX, Translational Research Program-BA BIOX

Our own Doug Bassett got the honor of leading the demo, and we were bowled over by how much interest there was in this new community initiative to share anonymized data in order to better understand variation, particularly in ethnicities that have been underrepresented in genomic databases. Doug’s presentation followed an afternoon presentation from the University of Pennsylvania’s Sarah Tishkoff, who made the case for more genome sequencing aimed at underrepresented ethnic populations. It is wonderful to know that this new repository is meeting a critical need in the field.

Download Doug’s abstract  on Genomic Crowdsourcing: Allele Frequency Community Provides Expansive, Ethnically Diverse, Freely Available Community Resource for Allele Frequency Annotation.

Perhaps the best measure of enthusiasm for the Allele Frequency Community is its rapid growth in the days since its launch. As Doug showed people who stopped by the booth, the resource has already grown from 70,100 exomes and genomes when it was announced on Tuesday to 82,717 exomes and genomes just two days later. Now that’s significant! We’re honored to be part of this great effort, and to be in the company of such highly respected co-founders. To learn more you can read our blog on #AlleleFreq community launch.buttons

Come over to the Lanai Suite #285 for a demo to see how QIAGEN’s Bioinformatics solutions can help in your research, and stay for the Arcade Championship games today between 5-10PM.  You can also pick up some quirky buttons that have become talk of the event!