2014 in Review: A Year of Great Science

As we approach the holidays and our thoughts drift to eggnog and shopping lists, we’re taking a moment to look back at 2014. It has certainly been a busy year here at QIAGEN Bioinformatics! In this blog, we round up some of the highlights.

Ingenuity Product Citation

It was another banner year for publications from our users. In fact, there are now 12,113 papers citing our tools, and that number is growing all the time. You can search our site to see many of them; start here to check citations mentioning Ingenuity Products.

Customer Stories

We are constantly impressed by our customers’ remarkable scientific findings and it has been very rewarding for us, to have the opportunity, to share some of their stories. Here are the scientists whose work we featured in 2014:



We also got to meet many existing and prospective customers at a number of excellent scientific and clinical conferences this year. To our delight, genome interpretation and data analysis were key themes at many of the meetings and really highlighted the exceptional work our users are already doing with Ingenuity Variant Analysis and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. We also got a great glimpse of how our newest product, the Ingenuity Clinical Decision Support platform, will solve many users’ problems. Check out the logo links below for our coverage of these events:


Deep Dives

This year we posted a few blog series as a way to take deeper dives into some topics that our users are most interested in. We looked in detail at the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, the engine that powers all of our web applications, including how it was built, how we integrate new content, and more. You can check out the first post here, or view this cool infographic.

Leading up to the commercial launch of our new clinical tool, we also spent a lot of time exploring how genetic variants are currently interpreted in clinical labs. We relied on our in-house experts Tara Love and Junaid Shabbeer, who proved to be excellent guides for this complex topic. Check out blog post Q&As with Tara and Junaid, or view the first post of the clinical series here.

Product Updates

Finally, we made some big leaps with our Ingenuity applications this year that will no doubt have our users conducting even more impressive work in the near future. For one thing, we integrated important new sources into our Knowledge Base. BIOBASE’s expert-curated content, including HGMD, is now fully integrated for Ingenuity users. We also integrated with the InSilico DB open data management platform to make life easier for scientists working with public and private samples.

We also added a host of new features to our core products, IPA and Ingenuity Variant Analysis. IPA now allows for exploring endpoints and predicting activity of canonical pathways; connecting diseases or functions of interest; viewing detailed relationships between molecules and associated functions or phenotypes; and more. Ingenuity Variant Analysis was updated to permit filtering by family/kindred; nested searches; pre-filtering of data for faster analysis; and splice site predictions.


We wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and best wishes for insightful analysis in 2015!