X-Gen Congress 2011 Speaker Report: Insights into Prostate Cancer Mechanisms via Integrated In Silico RNA-Seq Analysis of NGS Patient Data

Learn how IPA from Ingenuity Systems can interpret data from NGS (next-generation sequencing) technologies, particularly human transcriptome data through in silico analysis of RNA-Seq (RNA-Sequencing) data. This presentation will include insights into prostate cancer mechanisms from research conducted with IPA to analyze altered gene expression and identify dysregulated biological processes.

Dr. Sandeep Sanga, Product Development Scientist at Ingenuity Systems, will be presenting at the X-Gen Congress meeting in San Diego on Friday, March 18, 2011, at 8:15 – 8:45 am (breakfast session) in the International Ballroom.

The presentation will highlight insights into mechanism of disease, discuss how putative biomarkers, and therapeutic targets can be generated by leveraging emerging next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies – in particular, human transcriptome data through in silico RNA-Seq data analysis and interpretation. Analyzing altered gene expression can pinpoint specific pathways and processes dysregulated in growing cancer cells within tumors. Identifying these activated pathways and networks can shed light on dysregulated processes, inform treatment options, and highlight potential biomarkers, providing valuable information for improved patient prognosis and treatment. High-resolution technologies, such as RNA-Seq, generate data that can be used to interrogate patient samples for expression changes and their patterns. Using RNA-Seq data from the NCBI SRA (Short Read Archive) public repository, gene expression changes from human prostate cancer tumors and matched normal patient samples were assessed using CLC Genomics Workbench and CLC Genomics Server. To elucidate the underlying dysregulated biological processes, in silico pathway and mechanistic analysis was conducted in IPA, leveraging its high quality biological knowledge, canonical pathways, and analytical tools.

IPA can be used help interpret the huge amount of data generated by NGS technologies, and our upcoming IPA release will provide support for bringing transcript-level data from NGS partners and end-users directly into IPA for RNA-Seq analysis and biological interpretation.

Learn more about our integrations and collaborations with NGS partners: Erasmus Medical Center, GenomeQuest, CLC bio, and GeoSpiza.

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