Variant Analysis Hits the Road! Join Us for the Ion Tour of Europe

For the next month, we will be participating in Ion Tour 2013, the traveling Ion Torrent™ user group meetings taking place in Europe from now till the start of October. Stops include Vienna, Madrid, Birmingham, Budapest, and more. We are looking forward to meeting Ion users and demonstrating how our Variant Analysis™ application has been integrated into the Ion Reporter™ workflow.

Variant Analysis offers rapid interpretation of candidate variants, quickly narrowing down a list of thousands or even millions of mutations to a shorter list of those likely to be causative. Variant Analysis works with whole genome, exome, and targeted gene panel sequence data and is directly integrated into the Ion Reporter application, providing a seamless solution for interpreting human DNA sequencing data from Ion PGM or Ion Proton Systems.

The secure integration allows researchers to quickly move back and forth between Ion Reporter and Variant Analysis to drill down to a small, targeted subset of compelling variants based both upon their own knowledge of disease biology and the accurate, curated content in the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base, an integrated repository of extensive genomic information, scientific literature, and public databases. The Ingenuity Knowledge Base is curated from thousands of sources, including COSMIC, TCGA, mouse knockout data, expert-curated human phenotype associations and dbSNP.

The combination of Ion Reporter and Variant Analysis provides researchers a simple, reproducible solution for integrated variant detection and enhanced biological analysis.

Users can identify, annotate, prioritize, and select variants for reporting and follow-up based on many different filters for biological associations, molecular interactions, and more.

Ingenuity’s Rick Dixon, NGS specialist in Europe, will attend several of the Ion Tour events to present case studies and demos about how Variant Analysis can help accelerate projects for Ion Torrent users. Feel free to contact him directly at if you’d like to set up a meeting. Ingenuity’s Elodie Dubus, Field Application Specialist, will be covering the Vienna meeting and can be contacted at We hope to see you on the Tour!