Video: Missed the Ingenuity Presentation on microRNAs at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference? Here it is.

View the recorded Ingenuity presentation from Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference held in San Francisco, CA, February 24, 2011.

Dr. Dana Abramovitz, Product Manager at Ingenuity, discusses how unique new features in IPA support a powerful microRNA workflow that can help researchers rapidly identify biologically relevant microRNA targets and related mechanisms.

View the recorded presentation.

In the rapidly evolving field of microRNA research, which still relies heavily on a variety of measurement techniques and prediction algorithms for target identification, the challenge is in identifying the most biologically relevant targets.  In a study to identify potential microRNA markers for disease progression from primary melanoma to metastatic melanoma, we used the approach of applying biological information to help prioritize mRNA targets, understand how these biomarker candidates contribute to disease progression, and design follow-up experiments to test our hypotheses.  IPA’s new microRNA Target Filter functionality enables prioritization of experimentally validated and predicted mRNA targets through the addition of biological information from the Ingenuity Knowledge Base and the ability to include experimental results in a single application. View the recorded presentation.

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