SOT 2011 Speaker Report: Kevin Morgan and Ke Xu discuss the interpretation of toxicogenomics data

At this year’s SOT conference, Kevin Morgan and Ke Xu will speak about the challenges researchers face in interpreting toxicogenomics and transcriptomics data.  They’ll discuss how they used IPA from Ingenuity Systems and Array Studio to gain a better understanding of (among other things) type II diabetes drug targets. After the talk, please visit Ingenuity’s booth 327 to learn about support for processed RNA-Seq datasets, microRNA target workflows, and other new features included in our upcoming IPA 9.0 software release.


Please join us for this lively discussion on Tuesday, March 8, at 11:45 am, in Room 156.  Lunch will be provided, and attendees will receive a special gift from Ingenuity Systems.

Ingenuity Systems will be at Booth 327, and we’re looking forward to hearing about your challenges in interpreting toxicogenomics data and around toxicology research in general.  We’ll also be discussing the new features that will be available in the upcoming release of IPA 9.0, including a new workflow for easily identifying biologically relevant microRNA targets, and support for processed RNA-Seq datasets.

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