RNA-Seq Summit: Unlocking the transcriptome in Boston


As we ease into summer, we are looking forward to getting together with the RNA-Seq research community at the 3rd annual Hanson Wade RNA-Seq Summit 2015 in Boston this week (June 23-25) . We are proud sponsors of this relatively new meeting which brings together researchers from around the world to share their experience and the latest science in the analysis and application of RNA-Seq in basic research, drug discovery and development.

RNA-Seq offers significant advantages over existing high throughput methods for gene expression analysis, including more precise measurement of transcript levels, the ability to distinguish different isoforms, and a broader dynamic range to quantify gene expression levels.  It is precisely these advantages, however, that make interpretation of RNA-Seq data a daunting task.

QIAGEN’s portfolio of bioinformatics solutions offers powerful tools to accurately interpret and distill large RNA-Seq data sets. QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA), for example, enables you to quickly identify significant differentially expressed isoforms between condition and control samples, and interpret the impact of expression changes in the context of biological processes, disease and cellular phenotypes, and molecular interactions.

For those of you who will be at this year’s meeting, Senior QIAGEN Field Application Scientist Sean Prince will discuss these solutions at the RNA-Seq Summit in a presentation on Wednesday (June 24) and a RNA-Seq workshop on Thursday (June 25):

Wednesday, June 24

  • 2:10pm ET: Application of the QIAGEN Bioinformatics Complete RNA-Seq workflow in a West Nile Virus infection Case Study

Thursday June 25

  • 2:00pm ET: Maximize Your Biological Interpretations With QIAGEN Bioinformatics Complete RNA-Seq Workflow

You can register for the workshop by clicking below:


Can’t make it to the RNA-Seq Summit this year? You can click on the link to download our West Nile Virus Case Study Poster.

Our blog and website also have a number of informative RNA-Seq-specific resources where you can learn more about our portfolio of products and how researchers are using them to investigate things like  West Nile Virus infection and breast cancer networks.