IPA-Tox on Display at EUROTOX 2013

EuroToxNext week, Ingenuity will join hundreds of our scientific colleagues in Interlaken, Switzerland, at the 49th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX) on September 1-4 to discuss topics on the forefront of toxicological science and its application to human safety.

Home base for Ingenuity at the conference will be our exhibition stand (#57) in the Club Casino room. There we hope to meet toxicologists from around the world and discuss Ingenuity’s IPA-Tox, a data analysis capability within our IPA software that provides focused toxicity and safety assessment information on compounds under investigation, as well as the new BioProfiler feature recently released as part of the IPA Advanced Analytics.

IPA-Tox complements more traditional methods by bringing integrated systems toxicology to safety assessment. It includes key features such as toxicity lists, toxicity functions, interactive tox pathways and reports, prediction of upstream regulators that include known toxicants, downstream effects analysis to predict increases or decreases on toxicologically relevant phonotypes and diseases, and analysis summaries.

IPA-Tox brings value to scientists by:

  • Informing decisions related to lead compound optimization
  • Efficiently delivering detailed mechanistic hypotheses underlying tox-specific phenotypes
  • Providing pathway content and gene-to-phenotype associations that accelerate the interpretation of toxicogenomics data and the generation of reports summarizing findings from toxicity studies
  • Providing rapid insights into tissue-specific candidate variants through fully integrated biomarker capabilities

If you’re headed to Interlaken and would like to meet with us, come by our booth or contact us. We’d be interested to hear about your work and answer any questions you may have about IPA-Tox and how it might help advance your toxicology projects.