Interpretation Was in the Limelight at AGBT

We enjoy heading to Marco Island every year for the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting, so it was no surprise that we had a great time there this year. But the AGBT organizers added something to make the event even more exciting for us: software demonstrations!

This year for the first time, AGBT attendees got to sit down with various software developers and take their tools for a test drive. We were delighted to participate in this event and had fun talking to so many people who wanted to see what QIAGEN’s Ingenuity tools could offer their research pipelines.

Indeed, sequence data interpretation drove a key part of the conversation at AGBT this year — a sea change for a meeting that has always been so focused on the nuts-and-bolts sequencing technologies. Many of the talks included descriptions of new analysis tools being developed or pleas for better applications, particularly for scientists who have to share reports with clinicians. As AGBT presentations center more and more on clinical applications of NGS data, this need for high-quality interpretation and easy-to-use reporting tools will only grow.

AGBT always kicks off community discussions that last well into the year, and we are glad to join in this important focus on accurate and efficient interpretation of genetic data. For anyone who didn’t get a chance to attend the software demo session, try the latest free previews of Variant Analysis for DNA-seq or IPA (or iReport) for RNA-seq data analysis and interpretation.

Also, thanks to all the conference attendees who made our time in Marco Island so memorable!