Biomarkers and Ovarian Cancer talk from the Biomarker World Congress in 2011

Stuart Tugendreich, Ph.D., Ingenuity System’s Director of Product Management, will be presenting 2 LIVE webinars this month entitled “Biomarkers and microRNA: Integrative Analysis of microRNA and mRNA as Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer.”

Dr. Stuart Tugendreich will demonstrate the IPA microRNA Target Filter to identify and filter biomarkers in ovarian cancer.  He will demonstrate how IPA® helped to uncover cellular growth and survival pathways (IGF-1 signaling) in ovarian tumors, and that cellular morphology and cell adhesion were affected.

Register to hear and see this talk LIVE, via webinar, on Wednesday, July 13th at 10AM PST, 1 PM EST, 6PM BST  or Wednesday, July 27th at 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST, 6PM BST).

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Dr. Tugendreich presented a version of this talk in May at the Biomarker World Congress in Philadelphia, PA.  He demonstrated how IPA was used to select and characterize potential biomarkers based on a number of characteristics, including their expression in body fluids and tissues, plus their relationship to other genes, proteins, RNAs, diseases and known biomarkers.

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