AGBT 2015, Here We Come!

AGBT 2015This week is the 16th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology  (AGBT 2015) — more affectionately known to attendees simply as “Marco” — and we’re already anticipating a hectic but excellent event. Our favorite part is always catching up with scientists we’ve known for years, as well as making new acquaintances, which is something that starts as soon as we hop on the airport bus to Marco Island.

There will be lots of QIAGEN activities and presentations at the conference. We hope to catch up with you there!

QIAGEN corporate suite

  • Lanai #285

Feel free to stop by for software demos, product information, refreshments, and more! Check out QIAGEN Bioinformatics tools, powered by BIOBASE, CLC Bio, and Ingenuity.

Open Wednesday at 3 pm through Saturday at 5 pm

Software demo session

Marco Island Hilton

Thursday, 5:15 pm to 7:15 pm

Dinner will be provided



  • Katja Einer-Jensen, QIAGEN Bioinformatics – Poster #210
    Rapid identification of tuberculosis mutations associated with antimicrobial resistance using NGS technology
  • Raed Samara, QIAGEN – Poster #28
    Ultra-deep sequencing of multiplex-PCR enriched hotspot and disease-related targets in high-standard molecular pathology


  • Colin Baron, QIAGEN – Poster #308
    Comparative transcriptome and genome sequence analysis level at the individual cell level

If you are going to the event watch our Social Media Channels. We will have lots of activities going on there as well. We look forward to meeting you!