You’re In Good Company!

Featured collageWe’ve had the honor of working with thousands of talented researchers over the years doing amazing science.  We recently built a section for our website where we have featured some of these extraordinary scientists and the groundbreaking work they are doing.

Each of these real-world stories offers a first-hand glimpse at how these researchers are using Ingenuity Web Applications in scientific applications ranging from nephrology,  to oncology, clinical genetics, epigenetics, and proteomics.

Dr. Hugh Rienhoff, for example, has worked with the Ingenuity products since they were first introduced and was one of the very first test users. In a more recent project, Dr. Rienhoff utilized Ingenuity Variant Analysis to help identify a rare genetic disorder effecting his daughter.

At University College London, Dr. Mike Hubank and colleagues are using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) and Ingenuity Variant Analysis to manage the genomic data analysis needs for hundreds of projects each year.  The team churns through nearly 3,000 Illumina genotyping arrays per month, and is on track to complete about 500 exome sequence analyses this year.

Dr. Milan Radovich, an assistant professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, is using Ingenuity IPA to look closer at triple-negative breast cancer, a diagnosis that is generally paired with a poorer prognosis than that of other breast cancer types. With RNA and DNA sequencing, he aims to unravel the subtypes included in the triple-negative breast cancer category, and then determine which treatments and therapies will give patients the best possible outcome.

“What you’re really buying with IPA is a high-quality database and a really well done tool that gives you faster time to results. You’ve got the confidence that the information it generates is right,” he said.

We invite you to read more about all our Featured Researchers and encourage you to contact us if you’d like to highlight the work you are doing with any (or all!) of the Ingenuity Web Applications.