Survey Says…You Like Us!

We recently hired an independent survey company to ask Ingenuity customers about their experiences with our Variant Analysis product, and we’re delighted by the results.

Facilitated by TechValidate, the data gathered presents the real-world experiences of verified users of our products. TechValidate works directly with the users and publishes only factual data — statistics, deployment facts, and the unfiltered voice of the end user — without any editorial/analyst commentary.

It is quite gratifying to hear about the benefits our customers get from Variant Analysis. For instance, one of the biggest drivers for us is to help scientists get to results faster — so we were pleased to find that more than two-thirds of users report cutting time to results at least in half, with nearly a third reporting accelerating time to results by 75 percent or more. On a broader question about time savings, more than three-quarters of respondents said that Variant Analysis saves them at least a day per sample, with more than 30 percent saying that the tool has shaved at least three days per sample off their scientific process.

Time Savings

SatisfactionWe have also worked hard to make sure our tools are easy to use, and the survey results indicate that we’ve achieved this goal. Almost all of the respondents said they were satisfied or more than satisfied with Variant Analysis’s ease of use, with nearly two-thirds selecting “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied.”

Of course, all the time savings and ease of use in the world won’t matter if the product does not help users make sense of their data. Respondents told us that the top three challenges solved by Variant Analysis in their labs were: faster and easier identification of causal variants; improved access to biological content including primary sources; and reduced the need for developing an in-house informatics pipeline.

These results validate the guiding assumptions for the product. At Ingenuity, we are committed to our customer’s success and we continue to make enhancements to Variant Analysis. The recently released Confidence Filter, for example, allows users to filter out variants that are of potential low quality in order to make it easier to identify causal variants.

Many thanks to our customers who took the time to fill out this survey and tell the community more about their experience with Variant Analysis. We know you’re busy, and we really appreciate your generosity in offering feedback that we can use to improve our tools. And thanks to TechValidate who polled our users and collected and verified the results.

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