Number of IPA Certified Analysts Increases Dramatically in 2010

The number of IPA Certified Analysts increased dramatically in 2010.   The IPA Certification Program is a free online training course and exam that helps researchers gain a comprehensive understanding of IPA and develop valuable career skills, in addition to enhancing their research abilities. For more information, please contact

The IPA Certification Program is a FREE online training course offered by Ingenuity Systems for customers who want an in-depth understanding of IPA. This structured curriculum provides comprehensive training in IPA and includes a certification exam. After successfully completing the course and exam, the student receives official certification as an IPA Certified Analyst.

In 2010 alone, 82 new analysts were certified, bringing the total to 225 IPA Certified Analysts across pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, government and non-profit institutions. These scientists are highly valued resources at their company and are becoming valuable commodities in the job market, as the need for expert biology knowledge and comfort with bioinformatics tools is a common requirement for many new research positions.  These scientists not only bring valuable expertise to their workplace but also the potential to analyze their data faster, publish faster, or find the next blockbuster medication faster.

Many of our IPA certified scientists cite IPA certification on their resumes, publish more frequently, and expand their research skills.  According to Elena Nikonova, MD Staff Scientist, The Wistar Institute Systems Biology, “The IPA certification program has been incredibly helpful to me. Its clear categorization of the available IPA features greatly improved my analyses. Importantly, the skills learned from the program stand strong years later, even with the constant upgrades the IPA has undergone. This program helped me become more versatile in multiple area molecular profiling studies, which I have been involved with. I highly recommend investing time and effort into this program.”  You can see more quotes from IPA Certified Analysts on our website.

Become an IPA certified scientist today to accelerate your research and gain valuable career skills.  Contact or call 650.381.5111.

Benefits of IPA Certification

  • Learn IPA best practices
  • Make your research more productive and efficient
  • Become recognized as an IPA expert by your colleagues
  • Develop a greater comfort level with the application and its features
  • Better understand how IPA generates results and how to interpret them

Requirements for Certification
The requirements for becoming an IPA Certified Analyst are:

  1. IPA Online Course Training:
    • IPA in Expression Analysis (1 hour webcast)
    • Functions and Pathways in IPA (1 hour webcast)
    • Using IPA as a Knowledge and Discovery Tool (1 hour webcast)
    • Biomarker Analysis in IPA (1/2 hour webcast)
    • Toxicity Analysis in IPA (1/2 hour webcast)
  2. Self Study (IPA Usage)
    • Six 30-minute IPA sessions (or equivalent)
  3. IPA Certification Exam
    • To be completed with the aid of the IPA Course Training materials (approx. ~3 hours)

Training Resources
The following online resources are available to help complete the IPA Certification Program:

  • Live interactive training sessions (~1 hour per week)
  • Pre-recorded training session
  • Detailed user guide
  • Detailed step-by-step tutorials
  • IPA case studies and application notes

Length of Program: Six weeks

  • Four weeks to complete the IPA Course Training and Self Study requirements
  • Two weeks to complete the IPA Certification Exam

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive official certification as an IPA Certified Analyst.

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